Universe facilitates Dutch and European retailers to penetrate mainland Chinese market via cross-border e-commerce pilot free trade zones. Universe is the only company in Holland which has an exclusive agreement with the Chinese government to store goods from abroad  in bonded warehouses in cross-border e-commerce pilot free trade zones. Universe operates within the Chinese legal system and cooperates with influential Chinese businesses and political elites who know the Chinese consumer market.

Because of the exclusive right of having cross border E-commerce trade zone Universe is able to reduce all costs substantially. Universe can provide a fast service to clients because of their warehouses in the seven big cities in China. The warehouses are located in the crossborder e-commerce pilot free trade zone.

Moreover Universe has direct access to China’s business and political elites because of its strategic alliances, thereby increasing clients chances of success while significantly reducing their risk of doing business in China.

The company has a wide network with agencies, producers, B2C companies, export companies and import companies. All of which contribute to your success in doing business with China. Universe provides excellent marketing knowledge, experience and access to the highest management levels.